Passione senza contratto. Passion before contract. The Zappi way

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"Cresco Communications have shown themselves to be insightful, versatile, and dedicated in addressing the many challenges of launching and marketing Zappi Clothing. We’ve worked seamlessly as a team, and we continue to work together in building our business."

Paul Quaterman

Product Launch & Brand Development

Zappi Clothing is a cycling brand developed by ex-pro Flavio Zappi to fund his youth racing team that feeds up and coming talent to the pro teams. This crazy passionate Italian and his business partner were tired of chasing sponsorship deals every season, so they decided to launch their own clothing range, the profits of which would go into funding the team training and racing on the European circuit.

Products designed, produced and launched:


Our Work, Zappi Clothing, Gallery | Cresco Communications, Hove

The Challenge

Flavio and his team, excited and a little bit daunted, approached us before the business had even been launched. Their idea was in its infancy and at this stage, simply understanding their market and how to approach the project was a challenge.

They needed to make sure that the partners they chose would give them a big enough margin to make money for the team, and they needed to launch to the right market at the right price point. Essentially, defining their customer base, their product offering and how they were going to stand out in a saturated market place, were the first hurdles to get over.

Once they launched, they had the not impossible challenge of increasing their online presence and improving the conversion rate on-site. Sound familiar?!

The solution

We were thrilled that the Zappi team approached us at such an early stage, as we could get involved in so many parts of the brand right from the word go.

We worked collaboratively on competitor research and sourced an Italian clothing manufacturer who would work to our small initial orders. From then on, we managed the development of their ecommerce website, which was built in CS Cart and launched in 2014.

Since the official launch in 2014, we’ve represented Zappi at the Prudential Ride London and at the London Bike Show. We’re proud of the Italian retro brand that we’ve created with the team and we’re pleased to report the racing team are doing what they do best – winning!

Brand Development

We sourced some of the key minds within the sports clothing industry to give Zappi Clothing it's true voice

Product Development

Zappi Clothing takes huge pride in manufacturing all of it's products in northern Italy. From the design to production line, we worked with their team to make their dream a reality

Mobile Mock up Zappi Clothing socks | Cresco Communications

Web development & UI Design

We theorised, designed, and built the platfrom needed for Zappi Clothing to be abe to reach it's full potential

Ongoing Support

We created an in-house team specifically to support the ongoing marketing, product development and sales processes needed to make Zappi Clothing a success.