Making fitness inclusive

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Ubermummies is founded on the principle of building a community for women around fitness and fun. Owner, Alex Smallman, has crafted her timetable of fitness classes to bring like-minded women together with or without children in tow. Using local parks to run 45 minute interval training sessions, Alex offers women the opportunity to get fit without the intimidation of a gym or the added complications of childcare.

In March Ubermummies identified the imminent threat to group exercise classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Classes were swiftly moved online and members able to log on and be part of the community throughout lockdown. Ubermummies firmly believes in the power of connection and movement to nourish your body and mind and keep them both strong, and this ethos proves to be a source of strength for many women in 2020.

Brand support and creative

We worked with the Uber Mummies team to visualise and deliver their message of postivity and gratitude.


Uber Mummies were in need of system that would streamline their model. We delivered a process that gives them the opportunity to grow autonomously

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UI Design

Uber Mummies had a strong and growing membership base. We harnessed that energy and built a site that seamlessly moved from front end to booking on all devices.

Easy payment systems

Uber Mummies needed a payment system that needed little intervention. We integrated a trusted portal which allows them to on board new members with out lifting a finger

Uber Mummies’ mission is simple: to make people feel good, inside and out.

Ubermummies was initially marketed through word of mouth and by building up the profile of owner, Alex Smallman, on social media. The challenge was to harness the success that the brand had enjoyed organically and to develop the concept to present to an even wider audience.

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We created a platform that provides all the tools needed to grow their brand

We worked with Ubermummies to understand their ethos and of course their customer base. Our vision was to harness their community vision and to challenge the fitness market within which they operate. The website not only emulates the community spirit that Ubermummies signifies, it acts as a gateway to the new booking system for online and in-person workouts.